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smart and programmable thermostat

If you’re still using an old-style manual thermostat, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to cut your energy bills! Programmable thermostats and newer “smart” thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in homes, and it’s easy to see why. For only a moderately higher initial installation cost, they offer many features which can reduce your energy use while also making it easier for you to manage your home’s climate.

What Benefits Do Smart Thermostats Bring?

  1. Simple Programming

Do you have a set schedule that doesn’t vary much from day to day?  You can program smart thermostats to automatically change the temperature to meet your needs, based on a schedule. Just as one example, your air conditioning system could automatically turn itself off when you leave for work and turn back on a half-hour before you are due home to save power.

  1. Smart Learning Systems

Even better, the latest generation of smart thermostats in Ontario don’t actually need much programming. They can learn your preferences and schedule, and automatically adapt your HVAC and heating system to suit your needs. Smart thermostats can even account for changing seasons!

  1. Monitor Your Thermostat from Anywhere

The modern systems in a smart programmable thermostat feature full compatibility with smart phones and tablets, so you can check up on your home’s status wherever you are. Or, if your schedule has changed and you expect to be home earlier or later, you can adjust the system to match while on the road.

  1. Email Alerts

Has something gone wrong, causing a major shift in temperature? The thermostat will notify you directly so you can investigate the problem. This means no more unpleasant surprises when you get home.

  1. Save Money

That’s what programmable thermostats are really all about. By taking “human error” out of the equation, they can significantly lower your energy bills. Some smart thermostats will even monitor your power usage and proactively offer suggestions for further savings, such as modifying which rooms are receiving heating or cooling.

Start Saving Money on Your Power Bills Today

At Home Standard, we recommend the NEST series of smart thermostats. These incredibly intelligent systems can quickly learn from your behaviors, feature full remote access and control, and even send you a full usage report every 90 days. There’s no easier way to manage your home’s climate while lowering your energy bills every month.

Contact Home Standard today to learn how easy it is to upgrade to a smart or programmable thermostat system!